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Conservation Education

The mission of the Conservation Education (CE) Team for the Fire, Fuel and Smoke (FFS) Program is to develop and deliver high-quality, science-based education about wildland fire to students, educators, the general public, and agency staff.

80 Years of Change in a Ponderosa Pine Forest

p13_1909_250tall_thumb80 Years of Change in a Ponderosa Pine Forest

Living things change constantly, as do communities of living things. In a forest, where individual trees can live for centuries and new plants replace old plants, it is not easy to visualize the changes that occur over time.

Fireworks Conservation Education Program

Image: FireWorks logoFireWorks is an educational program about the science of wildland fire, designed for students in grades 1-10.

Native Landscaping

ce-thumbIn the spring of 2010, the Fire Sciences Laboratory replaced over 3,500 square feet of lawn with native prairie. Implementation was possible through a Sustainable Operations Microgrant from Rocky Mountain Research Station and the hard work of many volunteers.

Conservation Education Objectives


The goals of the Conservation Education (CE) Team for the Fire, Fuel, and Smoke Science Program are to:

Living with Fire

livewithfire-sm“Living with Fire” is an educational game that puts you in the place of a fire manager in ponderosa pine/Douglas-fir forests of the northern Rocky Mountains.

The Story Tree: A Slice of Forest History


The Story Tree is a cross-section from the stump of a ponderosa pine (Pinus ponderosa) that grew to be approximately 600 years old. It was found on a mountainside north of Missoula, Montana.