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wrfsmoke-thumb WRF Chem Smoke Dispersion Model - interactive data download map allows you to download current MODIS hotspots, perimeters, and calculated emissions due to current wildfires.

wrfsmoke-thumb WRF Chem Smoke Dispersion Model Data Download data layers available from our feature service.

Demonstration image of a WRF Chem smoke dispersion model Map MODIS Direct Broadcast receiving station - Hotspot and burnspot data are collected in near real time which is to be aggregated into perimeters from which emissions are calculated. Quantifying Canopy Fuels-Photo Canopy Fuel and Tree Biomass Data - This data set contains destructively sampled canopy fuel and tree biomass data from five study sites in the Interior West.
Litterfall imageLitterfall data - This data set contains the semi-annual measurements for litterfall and decomposition on 28 plots established in seven stands on common forest types in the Northern Rocky Mountains, USA. For additional information, refer to the Fuel Dynamics project.