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Facilities & Resources
The FFS Program has a wide variety of facilities and equipment located at the Fire Lab which enhances the Programs research efforts.

Advanced Computing Facilities | Print |

advanced computing image The Fire, Fuels, and Smoke program advances the state of the science related to modeling important processes which take place on the landscape. Advanced computing facilities provide the mission-critical capacity to expand the frontiers of modeling fire spread, fire danger, and air quality.

Lidar | Print |

lidar-thumbIn 2004, a mobile research-grade lidar instrument for smoke measurements was assembled and delivered to the Fire Sciences Lab (FSL), Missoula, MT from the University of Iowa.

Satellite Downlink | Print |

Photo of satellite dish installation The MODIS direct broadcast receiving station allows us to receive timely information about fire starts and fire progress.

Sun Photometer | Print |

sun photometer thumbnailAutomatic (commercial) and hand held (made in-house) sun photometers are used to study air quality by generating many in situ measurements against which satellite algorithms may be validated.

Thermal Imaging | Print |

thermal-thumbCalibrated science-grade thermal infrared cameras turn the landscape into one big laboratory.

Gas Chromatograhy Lab | Print |

gaslab-thumbSmoke samples collected during experiments in the Fire Lab combustion chamber, from the FASS towers at wild or prescribed fires, or from aircraft traversing a smoke plume, are analyzed in the Gas Chromatography Lab,. Fire emissions (smoke) contain a complex mixture of gases.

Mobile Instrument Vehicle | Print |

Biomass burning releases considerable amounts of carbonaceous aerosols and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, significantly impacting air quality. Field measurement of fresh smoke is important in determining key physical and optical properties and emission rates.

Smoke Sampling | Print |

smoke image thumbnailThe Fire Atmospheric Sampling System (FASS) package samples smoke from the scene of a wild or prescribed fire and stores it in canisters for later analysis.

Tenderfoot Creek Experimental Forest | Print |

tenderfoot forestThe Fire Fuel Smoke program has been assigned the management of an Experimental Forest called Tenderfoot Creek.

Wind Tunnel and Combustion Lab (WTCL) | Print |

chamber-thumbThe wind tunnel/combustion (WTCL) facility at the Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory is used to conduct burning experiments in a controlled environment under varying temperature, humidity, and wind conditions.