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Science Synthesis and Delivery
BehavePlus Fire Modeling System | Print |

Image: BehavePlus logoThe BehavePlus fire modeling system is a computer program for personal computers.

FFI: Ecological Monitoring Utilities | Print |

Image: FFI logoFFI is an ecological monitoring software application designed to assist managers with collection, storage and analysis of ecological information.

FireFamilyPlus | Print |

The name "Firefamily" has long been associated with a group of computer programs (Firefamily 1978, Firefamily 1988, PCFIRDAT, PCSEASON) developed over 20 years by various groups.

FireWorks featuring Ponderosa, Lodgepole, and Whitebark Pine Forests | Print |

Image: FireWorks logoFireWorks is an educational program about the science of wildland fire, designed for students in grades 1-10.

FARSITE: Fire Area Simulator | Print |

Image: FARSITE logoFire growth simulation is intended to adapt existing fire behavior models to operate in a two-dimensional simulation environment.

Fire Characteristics Chart | Print |

bp-firechart_thumbnailThe Fire Characteristics Chart program is a computer program for personal computers.

FIREMON: Fire Effects Monitoring and Inventory Protocol | Print |

Image: FIREMON logoFIREMON: Fire Effects Monitoring and Inventory System is an agency independent plot level sampling system designed to characterize changes in ecosystem attributes over time.

LANDFIRE Prototype | Print |

Image: MapsThe Landscape Fire and Resource Management Planning Tools Prototype Project, or LANDFIRE Prototype Project, began in April of 2002 and ended in April of 2005.