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Image: Faith Ann Heinsch's photoFaith Ann Heinsch is a Research Ecologist at the Missoula Fire Sciences Lab. She has degrees in Geography/German (B.S., The University of Alabama), atmospheric sciences (M.S., Oregon State University) and soil science (Ph.D., Texas A&M University). Most recently, she worked at the University of Montana as a post-doctoral research fellow and as a research scientist, investigating the impacts of climate change on vegetation growth. She worked on the validation team for the MODIS gross/net primary production model (MOD17) and helped develop modifications to the Biome-BGC ecosystem process model for application to a variety of ecosystems, including croplands, the Arctic tundra, and the Chequamegon Ecosystem-Atmosphere Study site (ChEAS). exitdisclaimr3b

Her research at the Fire Lab focuses on fire behavior (especially BehavePlus and the National Fire Danger Rating System) as well as climate change research, education, and outreach.