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Image: Jack Cohen's photoJack Cohen is a Research Physical Scientist for the Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory.

Jack has been involved in wildland fire research since the early 70's and has served at US Forest Service fire laboratories in Missoula, MT, Riverside, CA and Macon, GA. He was a co-developer of the U.S. National Fire Danger Rating System and has contributed to the development of U.S. fire behavior prediction systems. At the Riverside Fire Laboratory he conducted research on live fuel fire behavior in southern California shrub lands (chaparral) and also served operationally as a prescribed fire ignition supervisor and fire behavior analyst. For most of two decades Jack focused his research on how wildland-urban fire disasters occur and how homes ignite during extreme wildfires. He was one of the principal scientists involved in the International Crown Fire Modeling Experiment, NWT, Canada , where he investigated the thermal characteristics of crown fires related to structure ignitions and fire spread. Jack currently focuses his research on the fire dynamics related to live shrub and tree canopy fire behavior (active crown fires) and continues a portion of his time revealing opportunities for preventing wildland-urban fire disasters.