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About FMI

The Fire Modeling Institute (FMI) helps facilitate efficient science delivery to fire management. Its mission is to connect fire managers with technical experts and scientists, using the latest fire science and fire modeling systems to respond to fire-related resource management needs.

FMI is a center of expertise to support planning of fire behavior, fuels, and ecology projects. The Institute provides a variety of services to clients:

  • Science and technology application: Developing applications, products and methods that address the latest fire management issues
  • Software development and support: Supporting fire management activities by integrating state-of-the-art science and technology into project analysis
  • Training and mentoring: Training and mentoring managers to use the latest technology and information for fire behavior, fuels, and ecology
  • Information services: Maintaining applications and technologies, including the Fire Effects Information System

The Institute includes three separate – but integrated – teams:

Application Team

  • Applies science and fire modeling tools to support management decisions related to fire behavior and fire ecology
  • Comprised of technical experts that work directly with managers on current fire-related land management problems

Information Team

  • Develops scientific literature reviews and other synthesis documents on fire effects and historical fire regimes, made available online through the Fire Effects Information System (FEIS)
  • Maintains a comprehensive library of fire ecology research and an online library catalog, the Citation Retrieval System
  • Comprised of ecologists and technical information specialists

Modeling Team

  • Maintains and develops fire behavior modeling systems: BehavePlus, Fire FamilyPlus, FlamMap, and FARSITE: Fire Area Simulator
  • Manages the operation, support, and expansion of the Wildland Fire Assessment System (WFAS) and provides scientific and technical support for enhancing the U.S. National Fire Danger Rating System (NFDRS) model in the Weather Information Management System (WIMS)
Modified: May 30, 2014