Missoulian features Jolly's work showing climate change increasing length of wildfire seasons worldwide

Submitted by fl_admin on Thu, 07/23/2015 - 14:39

Matt Jolly, Research Ecologist, is featured in a Missoulian article outlining a recent paper (Climate-induced variatons in global wildfire danger from 1979-2013) published in the international journal Nature Communications. 

Jolly said this is the most prestigious paper he's ever been a part of. "I believe that it will get a lot of attention," he said. "Mostly because there has been a tremendous number of studies that have been very regional– they might talk about parts of Siberia – but they really haven't had that underlying thread that helps us weave those regional studies together in a global context. This is the first look at being able to do that global analysis. We still have a lot to learn from this study."