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FARSITE Software

FARSITE 4.1.055 Windows Installer Package

FARSITE 4.1.055 is the most recent certified version. This is the full install of the program and includes the current version of executable file and Help File.

View the Important Installation Instructions before downloading this file.

Important Installation Instructions:

  • FARSITE runs under Microsoft® Windows operating systems and features a graphical user interface. Users must have the support of a geographic information system (GIS) to use FARSITE because it requires spatial coincident landscape raster information to run.
  • FARSITE version 4.1.055 was released May 27, 2008. FarSite.msi is the complete FARSITE distribution as a Microsoft Installer ® Package (.msi). An MSI file is a single self-installing executable file designed to work with Windows 2000® and higher.
  • The download files require the latest version of Windows® Installer. The install will notify you if your system does not contain the most recent Windows Installer distribution from Microsoft®, and the system will attempt to update Windows Installer from Microsoft's website.
  • The online help file installed with the program was updated in April 2007 and contains the following:
    • Tutorial for working through example files
    • User’s Guide
    • Reference Guide
    • Technical References
Modified: Nov 21, 2016