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Firefighter Safety Apps

download buttonWiSE Firefighter Safety App

The Wildfire Safety Evaluator (WiSE) is a mobile phone enabled application that calculates the size of a safety zone as a function of wind, slope, fuels and number of personnel. This app incorporates that latest knowledge of adequate safety zone size. When the user is in connectivity the app shows the safety zone on a map displayed on the users device. It is currently in beta testing with a full release expected early 2019.

download buttonFire Weather Alert System (FWAS)

The Fire Weather Alert System (FWAS) has been designed to warn on-the-ground firefighters of dangerous weather conditions in their area. Users set custom weather thresholds and the FWAS sends alerts via text message and email when those thresholds are exceeded. FWAS monitors several types of weather measurements (RAWS, radar, etc.) and forecasts to alert firefighters of dangerous weather such as high winds, low RH, thunderstorms, and Red Flag Warnings. FWAS is currently a prototype system with a web page-based user interface (which is accessible via a browser on a mobile device). See our page on FWAS for more information and a video on usage.

Modified: Sep 03, 2020