Annual FireWorks master class

Submitted by fl_admin on Fri, 07/10/2015 - 13:41

Ecologists from the Missoula Fire Sciences Lab taught the annual FireWorks master class to educators and fire prevention specialists. Participants used hands-on activities to learn how to teach about the physical science of wildland fire, fire ecology, fire history, and people’s relationship with fire. FFS Ecologist Jane Kapler Smith, Cooperator/Ecologist Ilana Abrahamson, Contractor Caitlyn Berkowitz, Spatial Fire Analyst Greg Dillon, and Physical Scientist Faith Ann Heinsch each led several activities from the FireWorks curriculum.

Published in 2000, the FireWorks curriculum is getting its first major update! Changes include links to current national education standards, modified lessons, and added topics. The FFS team tested some of the new curricula for elementary and middle school levels at the FireWorks master class, and participants gave positive and helpful feedback. Stay tuned for the final curricula, including one for the high school level.