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Web links for affiliates, government agencies and partners associated with the Fire Lab.

Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute
The Aldo Leopold Wilderness Research Institute is the only Federal research group in the United States dedicated to the development and dissemination of knowledge needed to improve management of wilderness, parks, and similarly protected areas.

Climate Change Resource Center
The Climate Change Resource Center (CCRC) is a web-based, national resource that connects land managers and decisionmakers with useable science to address climate change in planning and application.

Fire and Aviation Management
The Fire and Aviation Management part of the USDA Forest Service is a diverse group of people working to advance technologies in fire management and suppression, maintain and improve the extremely efficient mobilization and tracking systems in place.

The FireCenter makes management of wildland fire better by innovating in fire science, by building tools for managers, and by producing the fire professional of tomorrow. We work side-by-side with fire managers, students, and scientists.

Fire Effects Information System (FEIS)
FEIS provides up-to-date information about fire effects on plants, lichens, and animals. The database contains literature reviews of about 900 plants, 7 lichens, about 100 animals, 17 Research Project Summaries, and 16 Kuchler plant communities.

Fire Research and Management Exchange System (FRAMES)
The Fire Research And Management Exchange System or FRAMES is a systematic method of exchanging information and transferring technology between wildland fire researchers, managers, and other stakeholders, making such data easy to access and use.

This web site contains educational information for people who live or vacation in fire-prone areas of the United States.

Forest Fire Laboratory, Pacific Southwest Research Station
The Forest Fire Laboratory in Riverside, California, is a field research facility of the Pacific Southwest Research Station, headquartered in Albany, California with research in the broad areas of air quality, fire science, and recreation.

Joint Fire Science Program (JFSP)
The JFSP was established in 1998 to provide scientific information and support for wildland fuel and fire management programs. The program is a partnership of six federal agencies.

Living with Fire
Living with Fire is an educational game that puts you in the place of a fire manager, based on research and tools developed for real-world fire management.

Missoula Technology and Development Center
MTDC, one of four detached units of the Engineering Staff in Washington, DC, serves Forest Service Regions and cooperating Federal and State agencies. MTDC makes equipment, information, concepts, and ideas available to Federal and State agencies.

National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC)
The National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC), located in Boise, Idaho, is the nation's support center for wildland firefighting. Created in 1965, it utilizes cooperation from eight different agencies and organizations.

Numerical Terradynamic Simulation Group (NTSG)
NTSG is a lab pioneering new approaches for addressing regional ecological problems, integrating biometeorology, remote sensing, geographic information systems, and computer simulation with ecological analysis.

Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Laboratory, Pacific Northwest Research Station
The Pacific Wildland Fire Sciences Lab leads research on impacts of fire on air quality and visibility, wildfire and ecology research, effects of fire on air, impacts of smoke on human health, and social research (rural and urban wildland interface).

Systems for Environmental Management (SEM)
A Montana nonprofit research and educational corporation for over 29 years, SEM has specialized in issues concerning wildland fire planning, behavior, fuel, weather, and effects.

University of Montana - School of Forestry
Official website of the University of Montana College of Forestry and Conservation.

Western Region Climate Center
The Western Regional Climate Center disseminates high quality climate data and information pertaining to the western United States.

University of Idaho College of Natural Resources Wildland Fire Program
For more than 35 years, the College of Natural Resources at the University of Idaho has been a leader in wildland fire education, research and outreach.

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