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Media Spotlights

FSim – Mapping The U.S. Wildfire Hazard at a National Scale

Mark Finney, Karen Short and Greg Dillon are featured in Michael Archer's, tracplus, article on FSIM in his latest online article.

Inside the Megafire

Scientists investigate what was behind the deadly megafires that swept through California in 2018.

Creating a fire tornado

Montana lab seeks to unlock the mysteries of wildfire. Researchers hope their work will help firefighters make decisions when battling blazes.

The science behind California’s surging wildfires

Sharon Hood, Research Ecologist, is featured on PBS News Hour's "The science behind California's surging wildfires" article November 13, 2018.

CBS This Morning - Inside the Lab

CBS This Morning: Inside the lab studying the growing threat of fire tornadoes

CBS This Morning interviews Mark Finney, Jason Forthofer, and team.

Fire Sciences Lab provides data on wildfire front

NBC Montana features Matt Jolly in "USFS Fire Sciences Lab provides data on wildfire front" article

Where There's Smoke

Planet Jackson Hole News features Matt Jolly in "Where There's Smoke", By Robert Galbreath on July 25, 2018.

NY Times interviews Mark Finney

Jim Robbins with the New York Times interviews Mark Finney for the "Fierce and Unpredictable: How Wildfires Became Infernos" article.

Jolly-Bradshaw Receive National Honor

Fire scientist Matt Jolly and meteorologist Larry Bradshaw received the Forest Service's highest award for innovation and initiative in developing an improved National Fire Danger Rating System.

Photo: Bradshaw and Jolly receive Paul Gleason Award

Serra Hoagland- Owls of Mescalero

Harbingers of Change: Owls of Mescalero For the Mescalero Apache, the owl is a messen-ger.

Messengers: The Owls of Mescalero

Photo: Serra Hoagland

Post-Fire Forest Management

Sharon Hood's research is used by the Forest Service Northern Region to determine tree mortality after the 2017 wildfire season. This work is outlined in the Post-Fire Forest Management in the Northern Region storymap.

Landmark Wilderness Fire Strategy Celebrates 45 Years

White Cap Study Story (video Aug 2018)

In 1970, Forester Dave Aldrich and Fire Researcher Bob Mutch, working with Bitterroot National Forest supervisor Orville Daniels, initiated work on a revolutionary fire management plan for the White Cap drainage of the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness.

Hollingsworth works on Lolo Peak Fire 2017

La WenHollingsworth, Spatial Fire Analyst, highlighted with her work on the Lolo Peak.

Finney Interviewed on Bullet Starting Fires

Mark Finney's research on Bullet Ignition is highlighted through KCRA3 News Wildfire Coverage - Fire Danger Restrictions

Hardy interviews with BBC's Up All Night

Colin Hardy, FFS Program Director, accepted a great opportunity to tell the United Kingdom via BBC radio’s show Up All Night about the significance of the Missoula Fire Lab and the important research conducted here. Listen to the interview.

Fire Ecologist Discusses Bark Beetles

Dr. Sharon Hood is featured in University of Montana STEM Stories (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathamatics education grouping).

See the Youtube video: Dr. Sharon Hood: Fire Ecologist Discusses Bark Beetles

Image: Sharon Hood

Climate change increasing length of wildfire seasons worldwide

Matt Jolly, Research Ecologist, is featured in a Missoulian article outlining a recent paper (Climate-induced variatons in global wildfire danger from 1979-2013) published in the international journal Nature Communications.

Soil Heating and Fire Effects Resulting from In Situ Oil Spill Burning

Soil heating and fire effects resulting from in situ oil spill burning.

The Mysterious Science of Fire

Massive wildfires cost billions of dollars and burn millions of acres in the U.S. every year, but we know surprisingly little about the basic science of how they spread.

Wildland Urban Interface Fire Problem

The Washington, D.C National Building Museum’s new exhibition, Designing for Disaster, features Research Physical Scientist Jack Cohen, Missoula, in an online video.