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Media Spotlights

Fire Ecologist Discusses Bark Beetles

Dr. Sharon Hood is featured in University of Montana STEM Stories (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathamatics education grouping).

See the Youtube video: Dr. Sharon Hood: Fire Ecologist Discusses Bark Beetles

Image: Sharon Hood

Climate change increasing length of wildfire seasons worldwide

Matt Jolly, Research Ecologist, is featured in a Missoulian article outlining a recent paper (Climate-induced variatons in global wildfire danger from 1979-2013) published in the international journal Nature Communications.

Soil Heating and Fire Effects Resulting from In Situ Oil Spill Burning

Soil heating and fire effects resulting from in situ oil spill burning.

The Mysterious Science of Fire

Massive wildfires cost billions of dollars and burn millions of acres in the U.S. every year, but we know surprisingly little about the basic science of how they spread.

Wildland Urban Interface Fire Problem

The Washington, D.C National Building Museum’s new exhibition, Designing for Disaster, features Research Physical Scientist Jack Cohen, Missoula, in an online video.

RMRS Fire Scientists Featured in New York Times

The cover story, Into the Wildfire, focuses on their studies and experiments to find out how fire burns.

Photo: view of wind tunnel

view of wind tunnel