Torben Grumstrup

Research Mechanical Engineer
(406) 210-2092

Research Topics

  • Convection heat transfer in spreading wildland fires
  • Fluid mechanics of fire
  • Laboratory and field instrumentation and measurement

In the media:

Creating a fire tornado: Montana lab seeks to unlock the mysteries of wildfire

Personal Summary

Torben’s research is focused largely on heat transfer in spreading fires. Specifically, how heat generated in flames is transmitted to nearby fuel as a fire moves through a landscape. He uses results from indoor laboratory experiments and outdoor field experiments to understand spatial- and time-dependent behavior of fuel heating as a function of key fuels, weather, and topology inputs. Torben specializes in creating new instrumentation for lab and field work. He developed the Fire Lab Heat Flux Package (HFP), a fire-hardened device for measuring wind speed and direction, gas temperature, and thermal radiation heat flux in a field-scale fire. Torben also works on improving survivability of digital cameras acquiring video inside a spreading fire front.