Serra Hoagland

Tribal Liaison Officer
(406) 275-4067

Personal Summary

Serra Hoagland serves as the Liaison Officer (Biologist) for the RMRS Fire Lab to the Salish Kootenai College in Pablo, Montana. From 2012-2016 Serra worked as a Biological Scientist and served as the Tribal Relations co-point of contact for the USFS Southern Research Station in Asheville, NC. As the first Native American to graduate from Northern Arizona University with a PhD in forestry, Serra studied Mexican spotted owl habitat on tribal and non-tribal lands in the Sacramento Mountains, NM. She is involved with the Intertribal Timber Council (ITC), the American Indian Science & Engineering Society, the Native American Fish & Wildlife Society as well as The Wildlife Society. Through the ITC, Serra served as a graduate student observer for 2 years on the Indian Forest Management Assessment Team (IFMAT), which was the third decadal national assessment on the status of Indian forests and forest management. Her research interests include: traditional ecological knowledge, landscape ecology, tribal forestry, threatened and endangered species management, wildlife habitat relationships and remote sensing. Serra is Laguna Pueblo (New Mexico) from the village of Paguate and is involved in several efforts to increase the representation of Native Americans in natural resources.

Selected Publications & Products

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