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FireWorks for Missouri River Country

Adapting the FireWorks program for use in the Missouri River Drainage, sponsored by the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

This project adapted FireWorks, a Rocky Mountain Research Station education program, for use in the northern Great Plains, especially the Missouri River watershed. “FireWorks for Missouri River Country” addresses the science of wildland fire for ecosystems from the spine of the Rocky Mountains to the tallgrass prairies of the central states. Developed by ecologists at the Missoula Fire Sciences Lab, the program uses hands-on activities about wildland fire to increase K-12 students’ understanding of physical science and ecology. The program consists of a curriculum and a trunk of materials that includes laboratory equipment, specimens, CDs, books, and kits of specialized materials for teachers. Content focuses on fire ecology, fire behavior, and people’s influences on fire-dependent ecosystems.

“FireWorks for Missouri River Country” is designed in modules that enable individual tribes to integrate traditional ecological knowledge and technology with “western science” content. Examples include ways to transport fire and uses of fire-dependent plant and animal species. The project was completed in June 2012 with delivery of two Fireworks trunks and presentation of a workshop for Bureau of Indian Affairs educators in Rapid City, SD.

Photo: Participants in the 2012 educator workshop use a FireWorks feltboard to illustrate the role of fire in ecosystems of the Missouri River drainage.

Photo: Educator Workshop
Modified: Mar 25, 2016

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