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FireWorks Trunk Contents

This web page contains directions for printing and constructing many of the educational materials for a  FireWorks trunk. To create an entire FireWorks trunk, please download the FireWorks Entire Trunk Assembly and print the FireWorks Trunk Additional Materials.

The information below describes materials for individual activities. It is organized according to the Curriculum. Some materials are listed several times; the FireWorks Notebook, for example, is listed under 8 activities. If you're downloading information from several activities, save yourself time and paper: Print those documents only once.

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Visual Aids & Handouts Binder

Here are two items that may be useful throughout your use of FireWorks:

Chapter 1. Introduction

How to make Smokeygrams

Chapter 2. Getting Acquainted with Fire

Visiting Wildland Fire

Chapter 3. Burning Questions
Activity 3-1. For Primary and Elementary: Meeting the Fire Triangle
Activity 3-2. For Middle School: Meeting the Fire Triangle
Activity 3-3. Testing the Fire Triangle
Activity 3-4. The Fire Triangle in Wildlands
Activity 3-5. Bucket Brigade
Activity 3-6. Will It Burn?
Activity 3-7. Tinker Tree Derby
Chapter 4. All in One House
Activity 4-1. What’s a Community?
Activity 4-2. Tree Portrait, Plant Portrait
Activity 4-3. For Primary: Mystery Trees
Activity 4-4. For Elementary and Middle School: Mystery Trees
Chapter 5. Fire History
Activity 5-1. For Elementary: Tree Stories

Activity 5-2. For Middle and High School: Tree Stories

Chapter 6. Tough Plants, Tough Animals
Activity 6-1. Dead or Alive!
Activity 6-2. For Primary: Buried Treasure
Activity 6-3. For Elementary and Middle School: Buried Treasure
Activity 6-4. Tree Skin
Activity 6-5. Recipe for a Lodgepole Pine Forest
Activity 6-6. Designer Trees
Activity 6-7. Great Escape
Chapter 7. Communities in Action
Activity 7-1. In the Web
Activity 7-2. Always Changing
Activity 7-3. Story Time
Activity 7-4. Puzzling It Out
Chapter 8. People in Fire's Homeland

Activity 8-1. A Matter of Choice

Activity 8-2. Houses in the Woods
Activity 8-3. Living with Fire
Activity 8-4. Smoke: In or Out?
  • Smoke photos
  • Smoke PowerPoint (editable version)
  • Managing Wildland Fire booklets
  • Teacher aid - The first section summarizes and illustrates the the first section of Activity 8-4, that is, the lab where smoke production is estimated. The second section introduces the concepts of atmospheric stability and inversion, which are used in the second demonstration of Activity 8-4.
Activity 8-5. You Decide!
Activity 8-6. Smoke: Value Choices
Chapter 9. In the Woods

Activity 9-2. Woods Hunt

Supplemental Materials in the FireWorks Library and Teacher Box

The FireWorks Library and Teacher Box contain many materials that
supplement the curriculum and provide for extension of activities.

Modified: Mar 25, 2016

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