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Our Researchers

Research Scientist
Research topics
Photo: Alan Ager

Ager, Alan

Research Forester
  • Forest landscape modeling and scenario planning
  • Restoration of fire adapted systems
  • Socioecological aspects of wildfire risk governance
  • Transboundary risk assessment
Photo: Bret Butler

Butler, Bret

Research Mechanical Engineer
  • Quantifying Energy Transport
  • Surface Wind Modeling in Support of Fire Management
  • Improving Firefighter Safety
  • Fire-Induced Effects
File Latest Research on Estimating Safety Zones
Photo: Mark Finney

Finney, Mark

Research Forester
  • fire spread in deep and discontinuous fuel beds
  • fire simulation for purposes of fire risk assessment

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File Meet Dr. Mark Finney, Research Forester
Photo: Wei Min Hao

Hao, Wei Min

Supervisory Research Chemist
  • spatial distribution of daily emissions of atmospheric pollutants and greenhouse gases
  • comparing fire emission sources with industrial sources of greenhouse gases and air pollutants
  • quantify atmospheric pollutant concentrations downwind from large fires.
  • smoke plume dynamics and optical properties of smoke particles
File Meet Dr. WeiMin Hao, Research Chemist
Photo: Emily Heyerdahl

Heyerdahl, Emily

Research Forester
  • Multicentury fire history from tree rings in western North America
  • Climate and topographic drivers of historical fire regimes across landscapes
  • Climate drivers of historical regional-fire years
Photo: Sharon Hood

Hood, Sharon

Research Ecologist
  • Fire-induced tree mortality
  • Fuel and silvicultural treatment effects
  • Tree defenses
  •  Ecosystem resilience

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File Meet Dr. Sharon Hood, Research Ecologist, File It’s a Goopy Mess When Pines and Beetles Duke it Out | Deep Look
Photo: Robert Keane

Keane, Robert (Bob)

Research Ecologist
  • Wildland fuel science
  • Whitebark pine ecosystem restoration
  • Ecological modeling
  • Climate change science

Introduction to Photoload Sampling Technique  (video)

File Meet Dr. Robert Keane, Research Ecologist, File Restoring Whitebark Pine Ecosystems of the West in the Face of Climate Change
Photo: Sara McAllister

McAllister, Sara

Research Mechanical Engineer
  • understanding fuel particle ignition
  • combustion fundamentals

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File Meet Research Mechanical Engineer Sara McAllister
Photo: Russ Parsons

Parsons, Russell

Research Ecologist
  • Modeling, measuring, and mapping wildland fuels
  • Exploring how fuel heterogeneity affects fire behavior
  • Understanding how beetle outbreaks change fuels and fire
  • Building capability to more robustly assess fuel treatments
File Meet Dr. Russ Parsons, Research Ecologist
Photo: Shawn Urbanski

Urbanski, Shawn

Research Physical Scientist
  • The evaluation and development of biomass burning emission inventory systems
  • Laboratory and field experiments characterizing the gas and aerosol emissions biomass burning
  • Development of satellite based wildfire emission inventories for the United States Airborne and ground based experiments for the validation of smoke dispersion models and atmospheric chemistry transport models
File Meet Shawn Urbanski, Research Physical Scientist
FMI (Fire Modeling Institute), Research Scientist
Research topics
Photo: Matt Jolly

Jolly, Matt

  • Seasonal variations in live fuel composition and flammability
  • Live fuel contributions to wildland fire behavior
  • Ecological disturbance interactions
  • Advancements in local, regional, national and global fire danger rating