How to Make the Story Time Materials

Story Time is a series of narratives illustrated by feltboard materials, appropriate for children at the Preschool and Primary levels. The 4 Story Time modules describe ecology, succession, and fire for these ecosystems:

You may choose to make 1 or more of the modules, depending on which ecosystems are of most interest to you. The original FireWorks curriculum uses the first 3; FireWorks for Missouri River Country uses the 4th.

Prepare looseleaf binders:

Obtain binders with a clear sleeve on the cover and spine, and a pocket inside the front cover. Obtain 8.5 X 11" document protectors. The sizes and quantities you'll need are:

Ecosystem Number of binders Binder spine width Number of document protectors
Ponderosa pine 1 3" 13
Lodgepole pine 1 4" 17
Whitebark pine 1 2.5" 13
Missouri River Country 2 3" each 26

Go fabric shopping:

You'll need an assortment of felt pieces and fabric paints to make the felt figures-- the pieces representing plants and animals that get moved around to tell the story on the feltboard. Look through the photo pages of felt pieces (just printed) to make a list of what you'll need.

Also get fabric glue and rubber cement.

And you'll need an 8.5" X 11" piece of light blue felt (or other color-- whatever is on hand and/or cheap) to insert in each page of document protectors. These "anchor" pieces will hold the plant and animal figures in place and can be slipped in and out of the document protectors when you're reassembling the binders after use. Figure out the number of felt pieces needed from the table above (13 for ponderosa pine, etc.)

Finally, you'll need materials for the felt backgrounds. Consult the supplies lists in these instructions (lodgepole, ponderosa, whitebark, and Missouri River) to figure out how much yardage to get of what colors.

Finish assembling binders:

Preparing felt backgrounds for stories: