How to Make the Puzzling It Out Kit

These instructions are for making FOUR SETS of jigsaw puzzles, which is the number included in a FireWorks trunk. If you're working with an individual or small group, you may only need one set.

On a color plotter, print 4 copies of

     lodgepole pine puzzle
     ponderosa pine puzzle
     whitebark pine puzzle

Laminate the puzzles. Sort them into 4 sets, each containing a single lodgepole, a ponderosa, and a whitebark pine puzzle. For each set, cut the pieces apart. You're going to have sets A, B, C, and D, so first label each of 4 vanila envelopes with one of those letters. Then label the back of each piece within a given set with the same letter, and put the pieces in the envelope. Label the envelope "Puzzle Set". Each of the four envelopes will contain 3 puzzles (33 pieces).

Place the envelopes in the "Puzzling It Out" kit.

On a color printer, print 1 copy of each puzzle "key":

     lodgepole pine key
     ponderosa pine key
     whitebark pine key

Place the keys in document protectors, then put them in the "Puzzling It Out" kit and place the kit in Teacher Box/Box C.