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Contact Name Title Role Phone Number Affiliation E-mail
Abrahamson, Ilana Supervisory Ecologist Staff, FMI (Fire Modeling Institute) (406) 329-4831 RMRS-FFS
Ager, Alan Research Forester Research Scientist (541) 278-3740 RMRS-FFS
Amato, Sam Fire Management Specialist Staff (505) 362-0281 RMRS-WFMRDA
Anabel, Christina Fire Management Specialist Staff (385) 626-2027 RMRS-IOL
Atwood, Loren General Engineer/Physical Scientist Staff (208) 999-8680 RMRS-FFS
Baker, Steve Chemist Support Scientist (406) 329-4860 RMRS-FFS
Bergroos, Jon Biological Science Technician Staff (406) 329-4800 RMRS-FFS
Bertram, Penny Support Services Specialist Staff (406) 329-2139 RMRS-FFS
Brown, Sara Fire, Fuel and Smoke Science Program Manager Staff, Leadership (406) 329-4978 RMRS-FFS
Burgard, Mitchell Fire Management Specialist Staff (406) 848-1008 RMRS-WFMRDA
Butler, Benjamin Biological Science Information Specialist Staff (208) 387-5222 RMRS-WFMRDA
Butler, Bret Research Mechanical Engineer Retired-FS RMRS-FFS
Cansler, Alina Post Doc Ecologist Post-Doc Researcher (406) 829-6980 RMRS-FFS
Carroll. Matthew Program Specialist Staff (207) 801-1003 RMRS-IOL
Chatham, William Computer Scientist Staff (406) 829-6954 RMRS-FFS
Conrad, Elliott Biological Scientist (Student) Staff (406) 329-4848 RMRS-FFS
Crawford, Jo Customer Service Representative Staff (406) 329-4800 RMRS-FFS
Day, Michelle Biological Scientist Staff (541) 758-7768 RMRS-FFS
Deering, Josh Model Maker Staff (406) 829-7340 RMRS-FFS
Dillon, Greg Fire Modeling Institute Director Staff, FMI (Fire Modeling Institute), Leadership (406) 829-6783 RMRS-FFS
Dzomba, Thomas Deputy Program Manager, FMI Director Staff, FMI (Fire Modeling Institute), Leadership (406) 829-6977 RMRS-FFS
Finney, Mark Research Forester Research Scientist (406) 329-4832 RMRS-FFS
Flanary, Sarah Ecologist Staff (406) 829-6922 RMRS-FFS
Forthofer, Jason Mechanical Engineer Support Scientist (406) 329-4874 RMRS-FFS
Frame, Shelley Program Support Clerk Staff (406) 829-6921 RMRS-FFS
Freeborn, Patrick Research Physical Scientist Support Scientist (406) 329-4823 RMRS-FFS
Fryer, Janet Technical Information Specialist Contractor (209) 288-6330 RMRS-FFS
Goolsby, Reginald Fire Management Specialist Staff (864) 427-9858 RMRS-WFMRDA
Gorris, Andrew Forestry Aid Staff (406) 329-4832 RMRS-FFS
Grenfell, Isaac Mathematician Support Scientist (406) 329-4748 RMRS-FFS
Grumstrup, Torben P. Research Mechanical Engineer Research Scientist (406) 829-7352 RMRS-FFS
Gumm, Jim IOL Director Staff (575) 491-6748 RMRS-IOL
Hao, Wei Min Supervisory Research Chemist Research Scientist (406) 329-4838 RMRS-FFS
Harris, Joseph Training & Program Analysis Specialist Staff (208) 514-6651 RMRS-IOL
Heinsch, Faith Ann Physical Scientist Staff, FMI (Fire Modeling Institute) (406) 829-7342
Helmy, Olga Technical Information Specialist Staff (406) 329-4800 RMRS-FFS
Heyerdahl, Emily Retired Research Forester Research Scientist, Retired-FS RMRS-FFS
Hoagland, Serra Tribal Liaison Officer Staff (406) 275-4067 RMRS-FFS
Hollingsworth, LaWen Spatial Fire Analyst Support Scientist, FMI (Fire Modeling Institute) (406) 829-7370 RMRS-FFS
Holsinger, Lisa Ecologist Support Scientist (406) 329-4810 University of Montana
Hood, Sharon Research Ecologist Research Scientist (406) 329-4818 RMRS-FFS
Rachelle Huddleston-Lorton Public Affairs Specialist Staff (406) 210-4523 RMRS-IOL
Innes, Robin Technical Information Specialist Staff, FMI (Fire Modeling Institute), Contractor 603-447-5448, ext 5118 RTL
Ben Iverson Training Specialist Staff (208) 387-5324 RMRS-IOL
Jimenez, Daniel Chemical Engineer Staff (406)329-4724 RMRS-FFS
Courtney Johnson Biological Science Tech Staff (406) 329-4820 RMRS-FFS
Jolly, Matt Ecologist FMI (Fire Modeling Institute), Research Scientist (406) 329-4848 RMRS-FFS
Kappel, Shari Administrative Specialist, Lab Support Facilities (406) 829-6957 RMRS-FFS
Karau, Eva Geospatial Analyst Staff, FMI (Fire Modeling Institute) (406) 329-4836 RMRS-FFS
Keane, Robert (Bob) Emeritus Research Ecologist Research Scientist, Retired-FS (406) 329-4846 RMRS-FFS
Heidi Leritz Program Assistant Staff (406)362-7000 RMRS-FFS
Lincoln, Emily Chemist Staff, Support Scientist (406) 829-6963 RMRS-FFS
Lutes, Duncan Ecologist Support Scientist, FMI (Fire Modeling Institute) (406) 214-9265 RMRS-FFS
McAllister, Sara Research Mechanical Engineer Research Scientist (406) 329-4907 RMRS-FFS
McHugh, Charles Fire Spatial Analyst Support Scientist, FMI (Fire Modeling Institute) (406) 829-6953 RMRS-FFS
McKinney, Shawn Tech Info Specialist Staff, FMI (Fire Modeling Institute) (406) 329-4800 University of Montana
Nedialko Nikolov Physical Scientist Staff (970) 692-7266 RMRS-Rocky Mountain Center
Erin Noonan-Wright Fire Management Specialist Staff (406) 829-6964 RMRS-WFMRDA
Nordgren, Bryce Remote Sensing Scientist Support Scientist (406) 829-6955 RMRS-FFS
Parsons, Russell Research Ecologist Research Scientist (406) 329-4872 RMRS-FFS
Peterson, Audrey Help Desk Specialist Staff (406) 329-4876 S&K Global Solutions
Petkov, Alex Geospatial Architect Staff (406) 829-6956 University of Montana
Phillips, Chelsea Biological Science Technician Staff (406)329-4833 RMRS-FFS
Ry Phipps Mechanical Engineer Staff (406) 329-4800 RMRS-FFS
Diane Rau Fire Management Specialist Staff (505) 697-7817 RMRS-WFMRDA
Reardon, Jim Forester Support Scientist (406) 329-4849 RMRS-FFS
Reed, Charlotte Ecologist Staff (406) 829-6896 RMRS-FFS
Riley, Karin Research Ecologist Staff, Research Scientist (406) 329-4806
Timothy Sexton Supervisory Biologist Staff (208) 608-6034 RMRS-WFMRDA
Short, Karen Research Ecologist Research Scientist (406) 329-4973 RMRS-FFS
Sikkink, Pamela Fire and Fuels Science Information Specialist Contractor (406) 829-7343 RTL Networks
Smith, Jane Kapler Retired, Ecologist - FEIS Lead Scientist Research Scientist, Retired-FS RMRS-FFS
Smith, Helen Ecologist Support Scientist (406) 329-4707 RMRS-FFS
Sopko, Paul Physical Scientist Support Scientist (406) 329-4830 RMRS-FFS
Stalling, Christine Biologist Support Scientist (406) 829-7386 RMRS-FFS
Deb Tirmenstein Technical Writer Staff (406) 329-4800 RMRS-FFS
Trethewey, Diane Mathematician Support Scientist (406) 329-4822 RMRS-FFS
Urbanski, Shawn Research Physical Scientist Research Scientist (406) 329-4829 RMRS-FFS
Nicole Vaillant Fire Management Specialist Staff (541) 640-2217 RMRS-WFMRDA
Wagenbrenner, Natalie Research Meterologist Research Scientist (406) 329-4793 RMRS-FFS
Wold, Cyle Physical Scientist Support Scientist (406) 829-6961 RMRS-FFS
Rebecka Woodenknife Program Support Specialist Staff (406) 829-6950 RMRS-FFS
Vita Wright Biological Scientist Staff (406) 758-3547 RMRS-IOL
Zouhar, Kristin Technical Information Specialist Staff, FMI (Fire Modeling Institute) (406) 829-6924 RMRS-FFS