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University of Idaho Tour

On March 28, 2018, 14 students from the University of Idaho, along with instructor Heather Heward, visited the Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory for a day of instruction and demonstrations. Several FFS scientists and staff instructed the students on current research in fire effects, fire danger, fire ecology, and fire physics. Students also observed several live burning demonstra-tions and experiments depicting fire physics and soil heating. Instructor Heather Heward shared some quotes from the students about the trip:

“This trip was valuable to me because it allowed me to observe real-time fire studies and gave me a simple breakdown. I really enjoyed meeting scientists whose papers I have used for class; most specifically Mark Finney and Bob Keane.” Lucas Hight, Senior in Forestry

“Learning how the cold air intake into a fire pro-duces the puffs that we watched was something I had al-ways wondered in the back of my mind, and now it was answered.” Sawyer Vershum, Senior in Fire Ecology and Management.

Modified: Apr 24, 2018