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Conservation Education

Research Brief Description
Native Landscaping

The Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory replaced over 3,500 square feet of lawn with native prairie

FireWorks Educational Program

FireWorks is an educational program about the science of wildland fire, designed for students in grades 1-12.

FireWorks: Hands-on Education

Effectiveness of hands-on education in fire science using the FireWorks educational program

A Century of Change in a Ponderosa Pine Forest

Living things change constantly, as do communities of living things. In a forest, where individual trees can live for centuries and new plants replace old plants, it is not easy to visualize the changes that occur over time.

Guide for Restoration and Revegetation

This brochure provides information on the use of native plants in Northern Region restoration projects.

Carrying the Fire the Pikunii Way

Video and FireWorks educational lesson about how and why the Pikunii (Blackfeet) people transported fire from one camp to another as they traveled along historical migration routes.

The Story Tree: A Slice of Forest History A cross section cut from the stump of a long-dead ponderosa pine reveals the history of fire in the area.
Missouri River Trunk Contents

This web page contains directions for printing and constructing the educational materials that are unique for a Missouri River FireWorks trunk.

Living with Fire Educational Game Students use this program to examine the effects of weather and fuels on potential fire behavior in a ponderosa pine forest of the northern Rocky Mountains.
Imagining Fire Futures Educational Website In IMAGINING FIRE FUTURES, students in a high school or college class use model results to develop a vision of the future for Flathead County, Montana.
Fire Management, Zambia

Fire Management and Fire Use Assessment of Eastern Province, Zambia