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Our photographs represent research, presentations, award ceremonies, fire simulations, tours, and educational events. Click on an image to see a larger view and description. Browse related images by tags. Photos are provided by the USDA and Forest Service unless otherwise noted.

Project work using a sand based burner
Shawn Urbanski conducting experiment in combustion chamber
Maintaining the Passionate Creek Weir
High performance computer
Story Tree fire identification illustration
Rotating rectangular sand burner
Grain bin under construction
a. Burn table configured with cardboard fuel elements for studying spreading fires
Sanding and preparing tree cookies
Examining tree cores with a microscope
Metals shop
Staff analyzing data in the Ecophysiology Lab
Ovens in the Fuels Lab
Charlotte Reed
Collecting fuel samples to determine moisture content at the base of a Jeffrey pine tree immediately before the prescribed burn.
Monitoring quality sensors
Testing of prototype air quality sensors in burn chamber
STIX project work
STIX project field work
Airborne Laboratory. Gas and particle measurement instruments and flight scientists on the U.S. Forest Service Region 4 Twin Otter aircraft.
Experimental fire studied in the Fire Lab’s combustion chamber.
Penny Morgan and Lauren Miller counting fire scars on a ponderosa pine tree in Idaho.
Burning a masticated fuelbed in the burn chamber of the Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory
View a wildfire at a distance