Seminar Series Archive

The Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory has been hosting an annual seminar series since 1998. Learn more about the series and see the schedule for the upcoming season on the Seminar Series overview page.

On this page, search and browse recordings of previous seminars.

Cory Davis, Science Communication Specialist, Northern Rockies Fire Science Network
Tyler Hoeker, Climate Adaptation Postdoctoral Fellow
Natalie Wagenbrenner, RMRS Research Meteorologist
Matthew Thompson, RMRS Research Forester
Dan Williams, Research Social Scientist, RMRS
Mark Finney, RMRS Research Forester and Karen Short, RMRS Research Ecologist
Alan Ager, Retired RMRS Research Forester and Michelle Day, Research Assistant, RMRS
Kim Davis, RMRS Research Ecologist
Chris Armatas, USDA FS Research Social Scientist and Lee Cerveny, USDA FS Research Social Scientist
Karin Riley, RMRS Research Ecologist and Isaac Grenfell, RMRS Mathematician
Dr. Kenton Gregory, Director OHSU Center for Regenerative Medicine
Bob Burgan, retired USFS Research Forester; Haiganoush Preisler, retired USFS PSWRS Mathematical Statistician; Christopher Woody, Physical Scientist
Erin Noonan-Wright, RMRS Fire Management Specialist