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Sikkink, Pamela

Biological Scientist
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Employee Role: 
Post-Doc Researcher
Phone Number: 
(406) 829-7343

RMRS Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory
5775 US Hwy 10 West
Missoula, MT 59808

Photo: Pamela Sikkink
  • Ph.D., Forestry, University of Montana
  • M.S., Forestry, University of Montana
  • M.S., Geology, University of Montana
Personal Summary: 

Pam is currently researching the physical properties and burn characteristics of masticated fuels in the western U.S. Her work is conducted under a Joint Fire Science Program proposal titled "Surface fuel characteristics, temporal dynamics, and fire behavior of masticated mixed-conifer fuelbes of the Rocky Mountains". She works for the RMRS Forest and Woodlands Ecosystems Science Program in Moscow, ID, but is stationed at the Missoula Fire Sciences Lab.

Pam’s past work for RMRS has included research in fire severity, grass curing, and fuel sampling methods of forests and grasslands. She has also worked with Yellowstone National Park under a RMRS/NPS joint research venture cooperative agreement to recommend ways to monitor for future vegetation changes in the park and has been active in research on climate change and remote sensing of burn severity. Her interests include forest fuels, grassland ecosystems, landscape connections, and the effects of fire on vegetation and fuels.

Modified: Dec 15, 2016

Select Publications & Products

Sikkink, Pamela G., Keane, Robert E. 2012. Predicting fire severity using surface fuels and moisture. Paper RMRS-RP-96. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station Research. 37 p.

Sikkink, Pamela G.; Lutes, Duncan C.; Keane, Robert E. 2009. Field guide for identifying fuel loading models. Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-225. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 33 p.

Sikkink, Pamela G.; Keane, Robert E. 2008. A comparison of five sampling techniques to estimate surface fuel loading in montane forests. International Journal of Wildland Fire 17: 363-379.

Sikkink, P. G.; Zuur, A. F.; Leno, E. N; Smith, G. M. 2007. Monitoring for change: Using generalized least squares, non-metric multidimensional scaling, and the Mantel test on western Montana grasslands. In Zuur, A. F.; Leno, E. N; Smith, G. M., eds. Analysing ecological data (Statistics for Biology and Health series). Springer, New York. p. 463-484.