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FFI: Ecological Monitoring

FFI is designed to help managers fulfill monitoring requirements set forth in Federal legislation and agency policy. It supports scalable (project to landscape scale) monitoring at the field and research level, and encourages cooperative, interagency data management and information sharing. FFI is a plot-based ecological monitoring system that provides software components for: data entry, data storage, summary reports, analysis tools, and Geographic Information System (GIS). FFI-Lite provides the features of FFI, with the exception of the GIS toolbar. The standard FFI protocols and Protocol Manager allow FFI to be used for monitoring in a broad range of ecosystems. Software, user guides, training materials and additional information are available on the FFI-FRAMES website.


Modified: Jul 16, 2018

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Lutes, D.C., Benson, N.C., Keifer, M., Caratti, J.F. Streetman, A.S. (2009). FFI: A software tool for ecological monitoring. International Journal of Wildland Fire 18, 310-314.

FFI software available on FFI-FRAMES Website
FFI Google Discussion Group (Membership required)