Fire Modeling Services Framework (FMSF)

FMSF is a place to run wildland fire behavior and effects models for use within other systems. It brings improved performance, consistent data, and faster analysis results. FMSF also provides a key feature to users by greatly reducing the Information Technology (IT) needs by hosting models and tools in one service.

Generally speaking: FMSF hosts wildland fire behavior and effects models and tools for API connections to other systems (e.g. IFTDSS, WFDSS, etc.). FMSF provides fire forecasting data (flame lengths, rates of spread, fire progression, tree mortality, fuels consumed, emissions, etc.) outputs for use in other application analyses. This structure (build once, use multiple times) saves time and costs.

Technically speaking: FMSF is a Model as a Service (Maas) that provides an Application Programming Interface (API) through RESTful web-service architecture.

Please visit the FMSF website for more information