International Fire Conference 2014

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Scientists and professionals from RMRS made significant and highly visible contributions to the success of the seventh International Conference on Forest Fire Research (ICFFR) held November 14-21 in Coimbra, Portugal. The conference, focusing on forest fire science and technology and promoting international cooperation in fire science and management, occurs every four years in Portugal. Fourteen RMRS researchers attended the conference, including, from FFS Bret Butler, Jack Cohen, Mark Finney, Colin Hardy, Matt Jolly, Sara McAllister, Russ Parsons, Karen Short, and cooperators Isaac Grenfell and Karin Riley; from HD Dave Calkin, Michael Hand, and Matt Thompson; and from WFM RD&A Erin Noonan-Wright. Many others contributed to papers or posters to the conference in absentia. These contributors included, from FWE Nick Crookston, Debbie Page-Dumroese, Bill Massman, and Carolyn Sieg; from HD John Rieck and Crystal Stonesifer; from FFS Jason Forthofer and Natalie Wagenbrenner; and from WFM RD&A Tim Sexton and Mitch Burgard.

By invitation, Program Manager Colin Hardy gave a keynote address titled “Knowledge Discovery is a Process, not a Deliverable,” and closing remarks. Colin organized adjudication of over 50 posters and presented awards for the top three. RMRS authors presented more than 20 papers, and were attributed 68 times overall on more than 30 papers. Scientists from over 30 countries shared their science and developed new partnerships, with many acknowledging the science leadership from RMRS.

Research Mechanical Engineer Bret Butler organized and directed a pre-conference one-day session titled “Short Course on Fire Safety.” Bret, Research Forester Mark Finney, and Research Physical Scientist Jack Cohen took part in a two-day pre-conference course, “Forest Fire Behavior Modeling,” serving on the faculty, presenting lectures, and leading discussions. Host Domingos Viegas and his staff conducted a one-day Study Tour and field visit to the site of a very large wildfire involving multiple firefighter fatalities. Entomological Society.