Vegetation and fuel management planning is a complex problem that requires advanced vegetation and fire behavior modeling and intensive spatial data analyses. Both the benefits and potential impacts of proposed treatments must be clearly demonstrated in the context of land management goals and public expectations. Potential fire behavior metrics, including fire spread, intensity, likelihood, and ecological risk need to be analyzed for proposed treatment alternatives. ArcFuels was built to streamline the fuel management planning process, and provide tools for quantitative wildfire risk assessment. ArcFuels is a toolbar implemented in ArcMap which creates a trans-scale (stand to large landscape) interface to apply pre-existing forest growth (e.g., Forest Vegetation Simulator) and fire behavior models (e.g., FlamMap) to aid in vegetation management, fuel treatment planning, wildfire behavior modeling, and wildfire risk assessments. The ArcMap framework helps users incorporate data from a variety of sources to address project-specific issues that typify many fuel treatment projects. ArcFuels was built to accommodate ArcGIS raster data (such as LANDFIRE data) and/or forest inventory data. ArcFuels provides a logical flow from stand to landscape analyses of vegetation, fuel, and fire behavior, using a number of different models in a simple user interface within ArcMap.

For more information please watch the ArcFuels Overview Webinar, read the ArcFuels Brief, or see a list of Publications & Case Studies.

ArcFuels Programs

ArcFuels is compatible with ArcGIS Desktop versions 10.3 and newer. The ArcFuels Online Tutorial includes detailed information on setting up and running ArcFuels as well as tutorials and case study examples for learning how to use the tool.

Download and install the following software programs to use with ArcFuels:

Additional software programs that can be linked to ArcFuels:

Archived versions of ArcFuels Versions of ArcFuels that are compatible with ArcGIS 9.X and ArcGIS 10.1/10.2 are no longer updated with changes or enhancements. However, they are still available. Please contact the ArcFuels team for these versions of ArcFuels.