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TCEF Story Map

Take a tour through the Tenderfoot Creek Experimental Forest through the TCEF online story map.

Modified: Jan 15, 2020

Yule Log Burn

Atlas Obscura's Jessica Leigh Hester submits an artcile on experiments performed at the Missoula Fire Sciences Lab.

Modified: Dec 23, 2019

Meet the scientists

Meet the scientists trying to understand the world’s worst wildfires

Modified: Dec 20, 2019

Inside Missoula's U.S. Forest Service Fire Lab

Atlas Obscura's video on "Inside Missoula's U.S. Forest Service Fire Lab, Where Scientists Play With Fire"

Modified: Dec 04, 2019

Can Scientists Predict Fire Tornadoes?

Scientific American highlights article written by Jason Forthofer, USFS, RMRS, Missoula Fire Sciences Lab

Modified: Nov 25, 2019

RMRS Bite Size Science

The RMRS Bite-Sized Science Series provides an informal platform for peer-to-peer engagement.

Modified: Nov 06, 2019