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Fishlake National Forest Prescribed Burn

VICE News Tonight highlights Dan Jimenez and researchers during a prescribed burn.

Modified: Aug 28, 2019

Filson Highlights the Fire Lab

Filson publishes, Inside the Fire Lab, Cutting Edge work in Wildland Fire Research, Story by Jayme Moye

Modified: Aug 16, 2019

Missoula lab provides firefighters with insights and tools

Mark Finney, Bret Butler, and Matt Jolly are featured in the local Missoulian newspaper

Modified: Aug 12, 2019

FWAS: An Early Warning System For Wildland Firefighters

FWAS watches the data sets and if it sees anything important it will send the firefighter an alert on their phone. They can look at the information contained in the alert, then look into more detail on that alert on their phone.

Modified: Jul 19, 2019